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About me
Rahul Guha

I am an HR veteran turned Career Coach, Digital Educator & Headhunter (Executive Search) after drawing the curtain to my corporate career after two decades.

My purpose is to offer handholding to ardent career seekers to shorten their chase towards career goals, 80:20 their life and achieve exponential goals.

Win Career community empowers you to believe in your dream. We presently offer Five board strategies for Career Seekers

✅ Profile Remake - Resume & LinkedIn as these are your prime marketing assets

✅ Inbound Job Search Strategies with a Compelling Personal Brand & networking

✅ Interview Success gameplan - 3 days of live learning to win every interview

✅LinkedIn Half-yearly and Annual plan at 16% of the original cost

✅ LinkedIn Power Profile with personalized Networking & Authority building with Automation for 5X results

This is a community of Careerists & Jobseekers to learn, implement and grow in their career journey. You can read Blogs, listen to podcasts, and get access to pan-India Job offers.

Alone is tough but together we can achieve the unthinkable! Come Join us!